Though the North Carolina Azalea Festival is all about Southern tradition, hospitality, and celebrating Spring, we also take seriously our commitment to giving back to our community.

Supporting our Community Through Economic Impact
In 2011, the University of North Carolina Wilmington completed a year-long study on the economic impact the Azalea Festival has on the City of Wilmington.  Over 2,000 participants were surveyed.  Results of this study concluded that the Azalea Festival has over a $50,000,000 impact on our community annually.  This is money that goes directly to our local businesses, restaurants, and hotels by both visitors and local alike.  Additionally, the value of our volunteer hours in just one year exceeds $400,000!

Supporting our Community Through Scholarships
The North Carolina Azalea Festival has three scholarships we use to support students in our community.

The North Carolina Azalea Festival Endowed Scholarship at Cape Fear Community College is given to a CFCC student who exemplifies volunteerism and has a demonstrated need for financial assistance.  Please contact Cape Fear Community College HERE for more information on this Scholarship.

The Beverly Anne Jurgensen Scholarship is given to the winner of the North Carolina Azalea Festival Scholarship Pageant, held in March of each year.  High school Juniors compete to receive this scholarship, equal to approximately one full year’s tuition at an in-state university. Scholarship monies are also awarded to first-fourth runners up.  The North Carolina Azalea Festival Scholarship Pageant Program awards over $12,000 annually.  For more information on Beverly Anne Jurgensen, please click HERE.

The Mary Frances All Forrester Past Princess Fund was made possible by the vision and contribution of Mary Frances All Forrester, the 1956 North Carolina Azalea Festival Princess. Mary Frances Forrester’s generous gift to the North Carolina Azalea Festival was the initial donation to a fund established to assist with the scholarship of future Azalea Festival Princesses.  For more information on Mary Frances All Forrester, please click HERE.

Supporting our Community Through Our Programming
The North Carolina Azalea Festival has a rich tradition of family-friendly and community-driven events.  We recognize, however, that not everyone in our community has the resources to attend and enjoy the Azalea Festival, so throughout the year we bring the Azalea Festival to them!  During Festival Week, we take Queen Azalea, our celebrities, and the Cape Fear Garden Club Azalea Belles to various locations in efforts to spread the Festival spirit.  Past visits include the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, the Senior Center, the Brigade Boys and Girls Club, the USS North Carolina Battleship, and various schools throughout the city. These visits always turn out to be the most fun we have Festival week!