Garden 1

111 Brookwood Avenue

Melissa Corbett

This charming brick home is adorned and defined with carefully pruned Ficus that covers the walls. Note the different garden ornaments that are nestled in the leaves. A graceful Live …

Garden 2

20 Forest Hills Drive

Sam & Lynn Leake

A manicured front lawn with a boxwood edged formal rose garden frames this charming home.  Over the past seven years the owners have gradually reclaimed the garden and infused it …

Garden 3

413 Forest Hills Drive

Israel & Dalia Nir

Towering pines and Live Oaks dripping with Spanish moss shade hundreds of that edge and meander throughout this lovely corner property.  This Tudor style brick home was built in 1935. …

Garden 4

738 Forest Hills Drive

David & Michelle Zumbro

This stately traditional home is set behind a circular drive and shaded by stately pines and oaks.  Beautiful iron gates lead through brick and stuccoed walls to the upper terrace.   …

Garden 5

2521 Mimosa Place

Tom & Jane Maloy

This lovely English style home was built in the 1930’s as a wedding gift to Oliver Hutaff from his parents.  Emerald Green Arborvitae flank the stone walk leading across the …

Garden 6

1633 Country Club Road

Robert & Alicia Keith

Built in 2008, this lovely brick home is perfectly situated on the Cape Fear Country Club Golf Course.  Two enormous Live Oaks shade the Azaleas and Dogwoods in the front …

Garden 7

2412 Gillette Drive

Dennis & Belsam Henneke

Belsam fell in love with the plants in this garden when she and her husband purchased their home in 2006.  To honor the former owner, the couple have carefully preserved …

Garden 8

3806 Garden Avenue

Jay & Jackie Loney

This meticulously maintained garden is a tropical gem. Jay is the Palm and Cycad guru with seven Palms and three Cycads he has personally found and planted; some never seen …

Garden 9

7509 Masonboro Sound Road

Hormoze & Suzanne Goudarzi

This beautiful contemporary home was designed by well-known architect George Goudarzi, brother of the homeowner.  Gazing down the driveway gives a sense of the elegance gracing this gorgeous waterfront home.  …

Garden 10

7919 Masonboro Sound Road

Robbie & Nina Hill

This stunning waterfront property, built in 2006, carefully preserved the Live Oaks, Camellias and Azaleas that were so lovingly planted by the previous owner. Gorgeous plantings of Magnolias, Yoshino Cherry …

Garden 11

130 Beagle Trail

Jim & Rhonda Schoolfield

Tall Live Oaks and pines shade the long driveway approaching the Schoolfield’s home. Built in 1966, Beagle Trail was named for the dogs that were bred by the previous owners.  …

Garden 12

6233 Tortoise Lane

Don & Alison Getz

Enter this tropical paradise that was designed and planted by Don and Alison Getz. Both the walled guesthouse garden and the walled main house garden reflect the owners’ passion for …

Garden 13

300 Airlie Road

Airlie Gardens Saturday and Sunday only

Filled with over 100,000 azaleas, statuary and camellias, this magnificent 67acre quintessential southern garden includes the 465 year old Airlie Oak and ten acres of fresh water lakes. This historic …